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[collection name]: Hetian jade finger

【藏品规格】:高3.1Cm/高2.8Cm 直径3.5Cm

[collection Specification]: 3.1cm high / 2.8cm high, 3.5cm diameter


[collection quantity]: one group


[introduction to collection]: Jade trigger finger is also called Jade spy (sound shooting at the same time). It is a special tool used to buckle the string when pulling the bow and archery. It is put on the right thumb of the archer to protect the archer's right thumb from being hurt by the bow string. When Hetian jade trigger first appeared, it was not used to play as we do now. Hetian jade trigger has existed in ancient times. But it was not widely spread until the Qing Dynasty. Most of the reason is that Manchu ruled China in Qing Dynasty and Manchu culture spread widely. However, in the Qing Dynasty, the fingers were not made of Hetian jade, but of deer bones. It's worn on the thumb to hurt the fingers by pulling the bow when shooting. Therefore, it was initially used as a protective facility. Later, with the advent of the era of peace, the trigger finger worn by people changed from deer bone to Hotan jade. Hotan jade finger is not used to protect fingers, but to symbolize power and status. It was not only worn by the emperor, but also given to the soldiers who had made great military contributions on the battlefield. So at that time


Hetian jade finger styles are mainly divided into two categories, plain finger and (hollow) carving finger. In ancient times, there were differences between the two kinds of pulling fingers. According to the different processing methods, pulling fingers were divided into Wen pulling finger and Wu pulling finger. The surface of the finger is carved with very detailed patterns, such as plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, classical Chinese, etc., which are generally worn by scholars and civil servants; The military spanner finger is a plain spanner finger, which has no carving on its surface and is usually worn by military generals. In ancient times, the finger was practical, mainly used for riding, archery and bowing. The development of Hotan jade finger to modern society is mainly reflected in the beauty and ornamental, so jade carving masters are more willing to focus on the beauty, suitable for wearing and playing.


一直以来,玉器都是备受重视的,即使没有任何文化背景,甚至未经打磨的玉石,都是非常有价值的,因为玉器本身的材质,在价格上就占据了很大的比重。尤其是经过精心雕刻出来的和田玉扳指,无论是历史内涵、还是做工,都让世人称赞,工匠师的技艺非常的精巧,这组和田玉扳指色呈羊脂白,器身有黄皮和毛孔,玉质细腻包浆温润,为典型的和田白玉扳指。此件玉扳指用料奢侈,几乎是不计工本打造的一件艺术品,由此可见其主人的身份之高贵,在当时也非常人所能佩带和拥有的 ,藏品保存至今极为难得,边缘虽有少许瑕疵,但更能体现当时佩带所留下的老印记,完全不影响整体美观具有极高的收藏价值。

All along, jade is highly valued, even if there is no cultural background, even without polishing jade, are very valuable, because the material of jade itself, in the price occupies a large proportion. In particular, the Hetian jade fingers, which have been carefully carved, are praised by the world for their historical connotation and workmanship. The craftsman's skill is very exquisite. The color of the Hetian jade fingers is suede white, and the body has yellow skin and pores. The jade is delicate and moist. It is a typical Hetian white jade finger. This jade wrench is made of luxurious materials and is almost a work of art regardless of cost. It can be seen that the noble identity of its owner was something that people could wear and own at that time. It is extremely rare to keep the collection until now. Although there are a few flaws on the edge, it can better reflect the old mark left by the wearer at that time. It does not affect the overall beauty and has a high collection value.


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